January APLDOH meeting

Coming late to the annual APLDOH meeting at the CENTS show in Columbus, I thought I was entering the wrong room, for the room was filled completely! It was exciting to see so many new faces, and we hope it bodes well for a more energized Ohio group.

The outgoing board officers were thanked for their service. Members were Kathy Stokes-Shafer, Eric Larson, and Jeanne Budde. Kathy Stokes Shaffer received a certificate of appreciation for starting our Ohio Chapter from new president Chris Mikol.

The new board of officers were then installed – President-elect Carol Palansky, Secretary Susie Dempster, Treasurer Kathy Stokes Shaffer, Vice president Bill Healy, and President Chris Mikol.

Bobbie Schwartz then presented an amazing litany of exiting speakers, events, and gardens for the upcoming 2011 APLD International Convertion to be held in Cleveland. The convention theme of creativity is revealed through its title ‘Creativity Rocks!‘  Bobbie and Kathy are the co-chairing the planning for the event, and with Carol Palansky and Bill Healy, have been previewing many potential gardens in  NE Ohioland. Bobbie also related how much volunteer assistance will be needed, and much more news will be forthcoming.

The featured speakers for the January meeting, Samuel Salsbury and Sabrena Schweyer, presented an impassioined update on the present and future state of Sustainability. Their company is no band-wagon-jumper on a now popular trend, but have studied, lobbied for, and practiced sustainable principles and applications for many years. The presentation provoked thought and energy.

The evening continued on into the traditional eating and networking at some of the local eateries. The group that was jammed into a corner of Barley’s enjoyed the usual sharing of baloney, infused with great discussions on design.

Our loyal Indiana representative, Richard Harper, impressed many with his relating of how a conceptual kids’ tree house with audacious curves turned into a reality in a client’s tree, curves and all.

Hope to see many of you at Bobbie’s house in February.

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