APLDOH is a Creativity Boost

First of all, I think that there is way too much created stuff out there. Especially with the digital, there is an increasing amount of writing, photos, videos, music, TV, radio segments, recipes, etc. out there for you to try to absorb, and then perhaps send out some responding stuff. I think that a grand editor’s room is needed into which all newly disseminated material has to be first submitted for editorial approval. Created material should have to pass through the approval hands of some old gruff guy slumped behind his desk, and get a pass or trash. As things are, we have to be that editor. It would be a more pleasant job if there wasn’t so much trash. I can see why the old guy gets gruff.

That being said, of course humans have created wads of fantastic, worthy stuff from their creative minds and hearts. I just wish the good was not muddled down with more and more un-good. There’s no sight in change, and it’s our task to sit behind that editorial desk.

So where does this creativity come from? Why do some have so much and some seem to come in at the level of the bottom of a garbage can? Some people seem born creatively blessed, creatively raised, better said in Hemmingway’s description of Fitzgerald – ‘his talent was as natural as the pattern that was made by the dust on a butterfly’s wings.’ Other people have to toil at becoming creative, toil and try.

And, why do we create? We all might not have a good amount butterfly dust, but we want to develop some dust of our own, we want to say something. I find that the field of landscape design to be an area where I can create some spaces that might meet the approval of that editor. In the case of residential landscape design, the editor is the client, and the task is changing their yard’s appearance to something that might be above what they imagined is exciting.

I want to learn, work, help others understand and try to improve the home landscapes as best as I can. I attempt to do this in my landscape design practice in North East Ohio, and attempt to do this by being a part of APLD, both international, The Association of Professional Landscape Designers (apld.org) and locally here in Ohio, (apldoh.org). If you have some similar interests and are excited by the creativity possible by landscape design do think of sending either organization a note, just not too long.


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