A True Master Gardener lives in Seven Hills, Ohio

Many people who have studied some gardening call themselves ‘master gardeners.’ David Slawson quietly is a master.

There a few people about who so deftly understand the essence of a large piece of rock and can place it as might be placed by nature herself.

David Slawson is a landscape designer specializing in the aesthetics of the Japanese Garden and has dedicated his life towards applying those principles to a universe of settings.

He is a gentle man with heightened sensibilities, acutely aware of the subtle grace of nature. Having studied the art of the Japanese Garden in Japan and completed his doctoral study of that field, he certainly knows, applies, and embodies that view of design and life. Through his many of years of study and work, he has found that people respond similarly to nature.

David terms his principles of landscape design, which are in accordance with nature, the Accord Triangle, the three corners of which are:  human nature (the client’s goals,) locally available materials, and finally the spirit of the place, (using surrounding architecture and views, or creating such a natural essence.)

He crafts with all three of these aspects to create a true sense of place, one that is in harmony with nature. He feels that the best designs come from sensing the place rather than looking at the drawing board.

He masterfully uses compositional techniques such as juxtaposing mass and void, creating foreground, making proper frame, and manipulating scale to create mystery, excitement, and repose, capturing an essence of nature in each of his works. The product is exemplified in his gardens at the Cleveland Botanical Garden, the Garvin Woodland Gardens, and many private gardens across the country.

He has recently compiled his view of design into a DVD, information for which is available at his website, http://slawsoncreations.com , where one may better gain a sense of the man.

1 thought on “A True Master Gardener lives in Seven Hills, Ohio

  1. Kevin O'Brien

    David is a true master. He has a seemingly effortless ability to evoke the essence of nature through his design mastery and, ultimately, through his built works.


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