Landscape designs needed for Animal Planet

Here an interesting request for a project involving Animal Planet and Anthony Archer Wills. Strange, but nice to see that Anthony is gaining some more recognition, which his talented career portfolio deserves.



Homeowners who are ready for the pool of their dreams!

Has your family convinced you that the one thing missing

on your property is a pool?

Do you want to showcase your beautiful new pool as it’s being built?

Are you ready to dig in and experience your very own watery oasis?

We’re looking for you!


Animal Planet and Original Media’s exciting new series seeks homeowners

who are already planning to build the pool they have always dreamed of.

Homeowners from across the nation will have their backyards transformed

by our world famous expert pool designer (“The Pool Master”), Anthony


Ideal candidates will have a suitable size plot of land for the project, a

sufficient budget already tucked away, and some out-of-this-world ideas for

their new pool! If your family would love this once in a lifetime opportunity,

contact us today with pictures and a description of why your pool dreams

must become a reality!


Contact The Pool Master Casting Team At: or (212) 683-3086

anthony and carol

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