1-8-15 Design Dialog Session – CENTS

Thursday, January 8 2:30 – 4:30

Flaming discussion and slide session on what’s happening in design. Send a photo that you would like to talk about to Bill Healy (wmhealy@roadrunner.com) and we’ll fit it into our PowerPoint. Here’s the idea so far:

This years at CENTS, we’re hoping that our old meeting format can turn into a
more useful session on design, learning from each other. Through Kevin’s negotiations with
Lisa Larson, we have a more prime time slot in the afternoon. The strength of the session will
depend on our getting photos that might spark dialog into a PowerPoint.
                    This is meant to a rap in design topics, not just a showing off of work to impress.
Projects don’t need to be completed, or can be in conceptual phase, if a shot can be shared that
gets talk going. Jackie shared an idea for a project that was very interesting. Photos don’t
have to be from projects, just a pic of a plant that you don’t like, etc.
The key will be to send any JPEG showing a design related item that interests you to
Bill Healy (wmhealy@roadrunner.com)  Our board will assemble things into some sort of order.
Below are some suggested talking points – Please add more ideas that are currently
on your mind. I suggest us to start on a topic that could get opinions going – plants of current favor
or disfavor. Some photos that a already in the PowerPoint, and might be used, follow below also.
The color coding indicates a contributor. If you want to protect your rights to your photo, watermark it or
imbed your name into your contributions using MS Paint.
We have one month to put this together, so please send in a couple of photos – and the idea, this week.
Are there notable plants that are your current favorites?
Lantana ‘Tuti Fruti’ (are there even more improved ones out there?) Healy
Thuopsis dolobrata ‘Nana’ Healy
Quercus alba Healy
Is there a better Hosta than ‘June?’ Healy
Marilyn Monroe’ Ansara
Love the multi-stem Pinus densiflora  ‘Umbraculifera’  –  where can you get it? Healy
Why don’t you see the Gas Plant (Dictamnus) used more often? Healy
Are there notable plants that are in your current disfavor?
Cotoneaster Healy
How do you plan for plant maturity?
How big can certain plants get? (Pinus strobus ‘Nana’) Healy
How small can it stay?  (are there good Picea pungens ‘Globusa’ cultivars?) Healy
Have you had experiences placing dwarf conifers  for a long period of time?
Have you had an interesting experience or challenge using native plants? Can you share a photo of that?
Do you have a photo showing how you’re incorporating native plantings?
Do you have current thoughts, with photo, regarding the long term maintenance of natural plantings?
Have you used color in an interesting way? Statement, treatment, echo with color?
Any example of changing the spatial perception through color – pastels to the rear, etc?
Do you have a current design issue of interest, with photo, that you would like to share?
Do you have a current design question that could be demonstrated with a photo?
What about specific shots that could get us talking about creativity?
Do you have photo of your work where an idea sparked a rather strong theme to your landscape? O’brien
Did you offer an interesting solution to a client’s problem?
Any example of an interesting framing or harmonizing of a focal point?
Have you had any interesting experiences using scale? Can you share a photo of that?
my client chose unusually large sculpture Healy
Any example of using line for strong movement?
Any example where you thought your spatial treatment really created a strong feeling?
(eg. A welcoming entrance, a cozy sitting area…)
Have you altered space in an interesting fashion? Stretching, confining, framing for view?
Any example using structure in an interesting fashion to separate spaces?
Can you share a photo where you defined space with a unique example of floor, wall, or ceiling? Devore
Any example of creating an interesting small or intimate or narrow space?
Any interesting examples using texture?
Sedums were a surprise Healy
Interesting example of where you created or promoted movement?
Can you share an interesting experience and photo that you’ve had using light?
Any current creation using water that you think is notable?
Any current creation using stone that you’d care to share?
Any unique use of ornamentation (sculpture, containers, furniture, etc) that you’ve employed?
Anything that was created that just emphasized fun? play? Wildlife’
Can you share a photo where you solve a design problem interestingly?
Interesting case with drainage, retention?
Do you have a current design problem that is perplexing you? Photo please.
Any interesting experiences with repurposing something? Can you share a photo?
did you happen to find that elusive place for a that plant?
construction technique
Have you constructed something in the landscape where the method or product was of note?
Pruning – any current examples of pruning that you find notable? Photo?
Any experience during the year that you’d like to share?
Any newly discovered website that excites you( we’ll type them into a PP slide.
Please feel free to add other topics.


2 thoughts on “1-8-15 Design Dialog Session – CENTS

    1. apldoh Post author

      Thanks for the appreciated comment Nanci. We are going to have some followup freeconference calls and maybe Ohio webinars to continue the dialog that can make us all better designers. Would love to have you participate – email wmhealy@roadrunner.com


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